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It Was

It was, because.. well, things are. When things are not, they are not not, because they are not to be not not.

So it was. And that was jolly good, because if it had not been (but it had been, so it could not be) then things would not have been. Because in that case they were not.

But as mentioned, as it was, it was. Now, as it is, things can be, or they can not not not be, because if they are not, then they are not to be and not not to be not to be. There is no grey in this equation, because grey is not binary. Grey can both be and not be at the same time, without not being or being - also at the same time, and this cannot be permitted.

The rules of being clearly states that one must be first. Then one can not be, if one so chooses. But one can never not be before having been. This is a fundamental of the universe. Everything you know not to be, have at one point or other been. Contemplate this, and realize the truth.

This fundamental is very much. There are many fundamentals that were at some point, but are no longer. This fundamental however, still very much is, and in fact never ceased to be. This is also very important, because if this particular fundamental had ceased to be, then anything could not be, even if they never were. If this had been the case (the case has been, sometimes is, and probably will be again) then there would have been (even be was at some point, and still arguably is) an underlying element of uncertainty in the very fabric of the universe. In the end this not being by things that had not been would have caused a tear. This tear might have been, it might not have been - even if it had not been. And so the universe would be ripped into pieces.

Eventually, then, the universe might not have been - and no one, ever, would have known if it actually, at any point, had been. Because then things could have not been without first having been.

Now you must see the elementary truth in this statement.

It rains. Because rain has been, then was not, and now is.