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Making of a Prince

This has happened so far: Little Red and Wolf moved into grandmother's house. Grandmother herself moved to the city, bought all of Aphex Twins albums, started a disco and became overwhelmingly rich.

After a few years it eventually happened, Little Red got pregnant.

She gave birth to a healthy little green frog. They wondered about it looking kind of strange, but still loved him. Her. It?

They give him all the love they could.

One day during the spring Little Red went into the forest to collect flowers. During this time, Wolf got awfully hungry, but he couldn't make any food himself. He waited and waited, and still his Little Red didn't return.

He looked at the frog that was jumping around on the floor playing games only frogs can play with themselves. The frog looked healthy. The frog looked good. It looked tasty. Yummy.

Wolf ate the frog for dinner, after first killing it humanely by boiling it.

Unfortunately the frog turned into a prince. This caused Wolf a lot of stomach pain.

A few hours later Little Red came back, her basket full of colourful flowers. She found her husband lying on the floor.

She cried, "Oh no, he's not a wolf anymore."

Then the prince came crashing through the door, staggered to a halt, hickuped, scratched his two-day old beard and mumbled, "Mom, where's the goddamn dinner?"

So you see, it is a myth you have to kiss frogs to turn them into princes.

You can eat them too.