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The Toads

The Mighty Boa Constrictor was not always a constrictor, as a child he was just a pitiful normal rattlesnake. He used to bite a lot, and eradicated four schools before his teeth were taken out by angry parents. To survive he transformed into a constrictor. Constrictors aren't poisonous, but they do swallow.

He swallowed all of them in one gulp. With a mute shriek they disappeared into his immense mouth and into his stomach where they met a pair toads sitting in front of a gate; obviously some sort of guards.

They were the Evil Belly Toads. These are tadpoles that fail to transform into Merry Green Frogs - instead they become toads, doomed to a life in the evil belly of the Mighty Boa Constrictor.

The toads are there to test if they were frogs, as only frogs are allowed into the belly of the constrictor. They sit in front of the gate, bite, chew, eat and burp a lot.

If anyone fails the test, they are charged with "Attempting To Enter Under False ID" and immediately found guilty of such charge. They are very stringent with false ids, and the punishment is harsh: being consumed by the Evil Belly Toads.

When they were done, they burp and fart a lot. This makes it all awfully noisy, all sound are thrown back and forth between the walls of the vast belly of the Mighty Boa. The echo builds up to an immense crescendo that makes everyone go mad and eat each others ear lobes.

The smell will then suffocate anyone else in close proximity, but what saddens the victims the most is the fact that they are not finished eating each others ear lobes yet. But the smell also suffocate the toads themselves.

You may think that a weapon that kills the wielder is not a very good weapon. You are correct, and this is indeed a recognized weakness in the current toads that live in the vast belly of the Mighty Boa Constrictor. Evolution will eventually eliminate this weakness, because the evolution of the Evil Belly Toad is not quite at an end - yet.

Even though this means a slight delay in the digestion process (new victims pouring in by the second queue up and have to wait), in the big scheme of things it doesn't matter that much. There are plenty of toads waiting in the background for their turn. The dead toads are quickly replaced by a pair of new and fresh toads. Within a reasonable amount of time the consuming process is back to normal.

The vast belly in the Mighty Boa Constrictor contains many thousand cities, but there is only one way in to this kingdom, and the entrance is not voluntary. If you are eaten by this mammoth monster, you either pass the test and can enter, or you fail and die. Quite simple, but it may be quite fatal as well.

However, there is a secret, one that has been hidden for all these aeons the Mighty Boa Constrictor has been away, that makes it possible to get past the Evil Belly Toads - even if you're not a Merry Green Frog. This secret it was that Max and Min accidentally found when they were facing the toads.

The toad was looking at Max gravely. It had just told him that it was going to test him, and that he would die if he failed. Max thought he might just as well have a go.

"Quack," he said to the toad.

"Qualified," said the toad. "In you go." The gate opened to accept him. Min, surprised though she was, did the same thing, but their friends were not as fortunate.

Jack tried to do as Max had done, but his quack quite pathetically turned into a "hark." He was immediately consumed by the lead guard toad. Then, to Max' annoyance, the toad burped loudly, and farted. Max and Min ran for their lives as they heard the rest of their friends suffocate from the horrible smell.