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Monday Morning

Q: Good morning, darling.
A: It's not.

Q: Excuse me?
A: It's bloody Monday again, and it's not good at all.

Q: Ah. Bit grumpy are we?
A: I don't know about you.

Q: I'm feeling great, thanks for asking. What would you like for breakfast?
A: Acpfcfiwttwtrwdbgrrt.

Q: What's that?
A: A cup of coffee without the water would be great.

Q: Oh, come on, don't be like that.
A: Shut your mouth..

Q: It's such a wonderful morning!
A: ..or I will..

Q: Look, the sun's shining!

Q: Awake, are we? Good. Now get up.
A: Blaarrrgh.

Q: Come on, won't help if you try to ignore it.
A: I wish mondays would just go away.

Q: I'm sure Mondays feel the same about you, sweetheart.
A: I mean, what's the point of having monday's? They're just annoying.

Q: Must start the week one day, you know.
A: Yeah, but why not skip it, and start on Tuesday?

Q: Would be the same, wouldn't it silly.
A: No, it wouldn't be Monday.

Q: Yes, but it would still be the first day of the week, Monday or no Monday.
A: You don't understand. Mondays are Evil.

Q: So would Tuesday be if it was the first day of the week.
A: No.

Q: No?
A: Tuesdays are fine. It's just Mondays I can't take.

Q: Right . A: -

Q: -
A: -

Q: -
A: -

Q: -
A: -

Q: -
A: -

Q: Darling? It's already nine o'clock! You're late for work!